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Product Review: Nonidoo Baby Milestone Blanket

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Every parent LOVES to capture their child’s milestones; their growth and all the new things they learn and do each new month of their life. One of the growing trends in parenting today is the use of a milestone blanket to make those photo shoots just a little bit easier!

If you’ve ever searched for a milestone blanket, then you know that there are A LOT on the market. It can be difficult to filter through all the products and to find one that you really love. In my search, I came across the Nonidoo Baby brand, which offers three different patterns. I loved that it was affordable ( under $15 and FREE shipping on Amazon!) so I thought I would give it a try. I picked the elephant pattern for our little man, but loved their flower and butterfly one for girls, too!

What first impressed me about this company is not only how quickly the package arrived, but how it was wrapped. The blanket comes inside a beautiful box and is wrapped and secured within the box with a silver ribbon. Thus, it would be great to add to a baby shower gift basket–no additional wrapping necessary and super affordable!

Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed about the blanket was how soft it was– the blanket is made of a plush material– which I personally am obsessed with and ALL my blankets in our house are made of! Even after our photo shoot, my son was still grabbing his blanket to cuddle! Because of the material, you do need to make sure you smooth it out very well before utilizing it for your photo shoots, but once you do, I found that the material made my son a little more cooperative–he loved laying on it! ( or maybe it was just a REALLY good day for us :)) 

I also love that the blanket comes with so many accessories that help me to make the photos as custom as I’d like. Within the box, you are given two milestone marking hearts to outline the number on the blanket, 13 cards with letters and numbers that allow me to spell out my son’s name if I want to ( or a special accomplishment that month!), as well as cloud cards that can spell out days,weeks, months, years, or even teeth! I don’t have to take the addition steps of adding wording through an app on my phone before I post his pictures! I also  really loved the cute elephant design I chose, as it can be gender neutral, which is great for a momma who knows she will be adding to her family still or for the momma who is waiting to be surprised! Overall, I am VERY pleased with my purchase and love how my son’s pictures turn out when using this milestone blanket!

If you’re in the search for a milestone blanket or a gift for a new momma in your life, I highly recommend checking out the Nonidoo Baby milestone blanket. Right now, if you use promo code NOCHAOS20, it’s 20% off on Amazon! What a great deal!