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Fabulous Friday Review: KiwiCo Kids’ Box

If you’ve been on social media around Christmas in the last year or two, then I’m sure you’ve seen a post or share regarding giving the gift of experiences, rather than physical gifts. Personally, I find myself in the middle. Our family tries to give a few physical gifts, but also gifts experiences and special time spent together as well.

Each Christmas, my parents gift an experience gift to each of our families for the children to enjoy. This has ranged from annual memberships at the local children’s museum, the local zoo, or even magazine or game subscriptions for the kids. With an avid young animal lover in the house, we always chose the zoo membership. While we have loved the trips and the gift of being able to do so at no cost to us for the past three years, we also noted that we don’t go as much as we could or should. Thus, this year we were looking for something different– and, as always, my mom came through with an amazing gift that I just had to share with everyone, because I didn’t even know they existed!!

The company is called Kiwi Co and they deliver a monthly themed box ( based on your child’s age) filled with science and art projects that allow your child to tap into their creative problem solving side!

To be honest, I thought it would be something cool for our daughter to receive, but I was skeptical about how engaging the projects would actually be and whether they’d be appropriate for her age. But then this week, our box came and I was impressed!!

First, our daughter was SUPER excited because she received a package in the mail, just for her! When we opened up the package, I uncovered not one, but three different craft/ STEM activities with correlating supplies and directions for parents. The projects are fun and things that your child can do mostly on their own, with supervision. We completed our first project, a tote bag tie-dyed with an eyelet dropper and tissue paper, in under 30 minutes. Not only was this fun, but it also helped work on color sorting, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and patience in seeing a project through! Plus, there is an end result which she made, which she is VERY proud of! The best part–we still have two more projects we can complete this month!

If you’re looking for something different for your child, I highly recommend checking this company out! The winter can be hard with kids–all that cooped up energy! I found that this box was  a good way to break up the afternoon and I loved that it already had all the supplies I would need to help our daughter make some really cool projects!

If you’re interested in trying it out, use the referral link below to receive 60% off your first box! Please note, I am in no way associated with this brand, I just LOVED it and wanted to share with other parents looking for something hands-on and fun for their child as we all suffer through the winter together!

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What other subscription services or experiences have you tried that were FABULOUS for your kids? Let us know by commenting below!