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Today, I put it on God.

Today, I put it on God. I don’t say that lightly at all. Today, we were faced with so many questions as a family about where we are going— where we want to be. Personally. Professionally. Short term. Long term. I feel like so often, we’re told that being stressed, being overwhelmed, or unhappy is part of life— it’s what we now call “adulting.” I used to believe that. I used to think that I had to settle for that. But after having a child, my thought process has drastically changed. Do my husband and I need to work in order to provide for our family? Absolutely. I’m not saying I’m searching for the plush life of staying at home, living large, and not working. Instead, I’m telling you that maybe, just maybe, it’s about perspective.

Do we need to feel trapped in our jobs? Do we need to feel under-appreciated day in and day out? Do we need to sacrifice time with our family for others who wouldn’t blink an eye to do the same? While society tells me each day “Yes!” my head and heart are now screaming “No!”. No, I don’t need to settle for a job that looks at me as simply a number. No, I don’t need to settle for sacrificing hours of my time at home with my young family, to go above and beyond for someone else’s children. No, I don’t need to settle for a job that no longer makes me happy. I’m tired of the emptiness I’m feeling right now and stressing about this day in and day out. I don’t want to keep watching my husband struggle with the balance of wanting to provide a comfortable lifestyle for our family, while feeling stifled inside. Stuck. Unable to pursue his real dreams and goals.

Part of me knows that my mindset needs to change. I need to stop being sucked into the consumerism of today’s world. To stop worrying about the fleeting things of the physical world (the bigger house, the fancy car, the designer clothes) and instead focus on the gifts I’ve been given( my talents, my husband, my kids). It’s hard, but possible…with His help.

I wish that it was simple and that with a snap of my fingers all the stress of work would all go away. It won’t. So, instead, I’m putting it in God’s hands. Instead of complaining, I’m sending my stress, my worries, and my trust to him. Instead of thinking I’m in control, I’m leaning on him to show and provide a more balanced path for our family; to guide me to the path that he has perfectly paved for me. It may be hours, weeks, months, or years. I know he’ll provide. But for today, I put it all on God.

Philippians 4:6-7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.



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Do you remember your childhood birthdays? How you always wanted the latest, greatest toy, the “hot” Disney movie or character bedding, and  how your eyes lit up when you saw the pile of new toys? Birthdays as a child are fun, but let’s be honest, after your 21st birthday, they really just aren’t too exciting anymore!

This year, I turned 30. And as I turn another year older, I have begun to notice that my Christmas and birthday list is now turning more towards needs for my family or kids, and not so much myself. In fact, this year it was hard for me to even know what to put on my list.  The older we become, I feel like the more practical I try to be–deliberate on spending my money on something that will last, not so much on something that I “want”, but instead, what I feel we “need”.

My family this year came through in a big way finding gifts that officially welcome you to the “Thirty Club” and adulting, but also were items I never knew I wanted, but now that I have, I could never live without!

So, whether you’re trying to think of a practical gift list for yourself as you enter the “Thirty Club”, or you’re trying to find a unique gift for a family or friend who can be difficult to shop for, here’s my current Top 5 #Adulting Gifts!

    1. InstaPot:

I thought this item was just the “hot” appliance and not one I needed, but boy was I wrong! The InstaPot is a lifesaver for busy moms who forget to thaw the chicken for dinner! Frozen chicken cooked to perfection in under 15 minutes!


2. INSTLYER Auto Curler:

I didn’t even know these auto curlers really existed until I received one for my birthday this year from my mom! I use to use a curling wand to get waves or curls that would actually hold in my hair, but it would take a while to complete my whole head and I’d sometimes walk away with a few burns! Not anymore! With my auto curler, all of my hair is PERFECTLY curled in less than 10 minutes! It is SO SIMPLE to use and I love that it allows me to make different types of curls, based on the time and heat level I set. Seriously, it’s amazing!

3. Eye Vac:

Okay, this gift screams #adulting, but I love it! For the past two years I have looked into getting an automated vacuum, since we have two dogs who shed like crazy! Since we moved to our new house with mostly wood floors, the dog hair I clean up daily is enough to drive you insane! ( Luckily, I love those dogs!) Instead of getting an auto vaccum that will have my dogs chasing after it around the house all morning, I have an Eye Vac. You sweep up the hair right into it and BAM, it’s gone! No bending over and having that awful streak of dust/ dirt leftover from your dust pan, and no dogs going wild chasing after it!

4.Drop Stop:

Another major #adulting gift that you never knew you needed, until you’ve had one! Ever drop your phone or checkbook into the cracks between your middle console and your seat in your car? It can be a HUGE pain to try to dig them out! Enter, the Drop Stop! This handy device slips into the gap between your seat and console and will catch anything the drops!

5.King Size Fleece Blanket:

If you told my 10 year-old self that one day I’d ask for a blanket for my birthday or Christmas, she’d probably pinch you. But if you’re an adult, then you know there is NOTHING better than a good blanket! I have a slight obsession with king sized fleece blankets–so much so that if I don’t bring one with me, I don’t sleep well (one was with me when I delivered my son!) Why are they the greatest? The king size makes it perfect to share when snuggling with kids, puppies, or your husband (or all of the previously mentioned!) without sacrificing your piece of the blanket. Plus, they are super soft and cozy. We may or may not have four at our house in different colors and patterns!

What other gifts would you add to this list? Comment below and share with us!