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Fabulous Family Game Night Games

Last year to prepare our daughter for school we started playing a board game each night before bed. Not only did this time allow for us to all spend quality time together, but it helped her to practice counting skills, taking turns, and the all important skill of learning how to handle losing!

We started with some great games to practice colors and counting and have now worked our way up to some fun card games! We enjoy this time together so much, so I’d thought I’d share our top games that we play with our five-year old. These games can be easily found at a local store or online, tons of fun, and can be played quickly before bedtime.

Card Games:

I have always loved card games– even since I was little. The tricky part with cards and small children is that their hands aren’t quite equipped yet to handle holding all those cards! We picked up a kid’s card holder on Amazon to help her little hands manage all her cards!

1. Old Maid: This game is currently our family’s favorite! We played with extended family one night and we were all in tears laughing at each other’s inability to hide our anguish when we had the Old Maid!

2. Go Fish!: This is a fun way to play a matching game. My husband and daughter play this game sometimes while they eat breakfast before school even! We have two sets–a  Christmas themed one and a regular one!

Board Games:

1. Don’t Wake Daddy: This is a game I remember playing as a kid! You pick the card and then must push the button that many times (counting practice!) and cross your fingers that you don’t wake up the Daddy, or you must go back to bed!

2. Candy Land: Such a classic game! Great for identifying colors and one-to-one counting correspondence. We played this a lot early on since it was easy for her to play, but she still loves it now!

3. Chutes and Ladders: This is another GREAT game to practice one-to-one counting and taking turns, in a fun way!

4. Hi Ho Cherry-O: We love this game! This was great for our daughter as she began to recognize numbers through images ( shows 1,2, or 3 apples). It is another game that is great for one-to-one counting correspondence as well!

5. Trouble! : We bought a character themed version of this game, but I love that it works on number recognition ( identifying the number on a dice), one-to-one counting correspondence, and fine motor skills (moving the pieces)! Our daughter loves when she gets to send us back “home, too!

These are our go-to family game night games currently with our five-year old. What games have you enjoyed playing with your kids? Comment below so we can add them to our collection!


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