Countdown to Christmas

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If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I absolutely love Christmas. Now, I may be a little biased as it is also my birthday (though hitting the big 3-0 this year may begin to change my love a bit!) but there’s something about the music, lights, and story of selfless love that makes this time of year so special.

As a child, I LOVED to decorate for the holidays. Watching my dad bring storage tub after storage tub of holiday decorations up from the basement was so exciting! We’d spend the whole day and night as a family putting up decorations. I can still picture some of my favorite decorations and where we’d place them every year.

One of my most favorite decorations was our advent calendar. My sister and I would argue over who would get to move the Christmas teddy bear each morning to countdown to Christmas Eve. I moved that bear every year, up until the time when I graduated college and moved out into my own apartment. Three years ago, my mom surprised me by gifting this advent calendar to me. It was one of the most special gifts I have received.

This advent calendar now hangs in my home,and while I no longer move it every morning ( though to be honest, I still fight the urge to!), it has been fun to watch my step-daughter get just as excited to move that same teddy-bear each morning of December as I once did.

In addition to our family advent calendar, we also have two additional Christmas countdown traditions now–one for each of our children–thanks to my mom who understands my love for this holiday and this tradition.

Our daughter has a love for all things fancy, so this Christmas advent charm bracelet/ necklace combo is PERFECT for her! This is our second year with this advent calendar. The charms have been different each year and are so cute! Each morning she opens up a new charm to place on either a necklace or bracelet that comes with it. She loves showing off what charm she’s opened that day to her friends at school! If you have a little girl who loves to be “fancy”, hop on over to Amazon and order her this!

Our son is only three months, so while he can’t participate yet in this family tradition, we did receive a Melissa and Doug Christmas tree advent calendar for him to use as he grows up. This one is fun as it allows the child to decorate the Christmas tree with magnetic ornaments. Since her brother is still to young, our daughter has enjoyed “helping” her brother by putting on the ornaments to countdown to Christmas Day. She loves this calendar and it’s small and festive size allows it to easily fit into our Christmas decorations in our family room.

How does your family countdown to Christmas? What advent calendars do you/ your children have? Share ones you love in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas”

  1. We had lots of Advent activities that we did with our kids. It was actually our favorite time of the year when we built Christ centered excitement. We made a Jesse Tree one year. We did the Names of Jesus where we put felt ornaments on the tree each night and talked about what that name meant. We also had a favorite book (Claire has one that I gave her as a shower gift) where the kids could open a door each night that told the Christmas story. The pictures in it are stunning! When I worked at our church in IL, we put together an Advent calendar for the kids to take home and do as a family. I am super passionate about this and I was just telling someone today that this is the part of Christmas that makes me long for the days when my kids were all at home. You have such a great opportunity to teach them that Christmas means more than just decorations and presents. Let me know if you want to see any of these because I would be THRILLED to share them with you.


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